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Martin forging the bars to form reeds

The fabrication of Butterfinch Bridge

Butterfinch Bridge was designed by Tracey Cartledge for Northwich Community Woodlands.

The bars for the bridge were designed to look like reeds. Each reed shape was individually hand forged and shaped using the jig, allowing each one to be made slightly differently.

When the reeds were complete, the design included many different creatures familiar to the locality. Frogs, snails, birds and beetles were intricately handcrafted in bronze and firmly welded into the bridge.

Carl and Martin forming the reed shapes using the jig Hand crafting the snails, frogs and other creatures


The fabrication of Timelines

"Timelines" is a large sculpture of an amphora in Dunstable town centre, designed by Adrian Moakes.

As can be seen here, this was a massive installation! The sculpture was produced in two halves, which were then fixed together along a central spine when in position at Dunstable.

Martin in Luke Lister workshop grinding rough edges of large amphora section

Working on one section of the sculpture, at Luke Lister workshop Installation of the finished sculpture at Dunstable Market Square

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