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Schools and Colleges

Luke Lister Blacksmiths prides itself on its work with schools.

From simple gates, railings and security fittings, to bespoke colourful and fun metalwork, we can meet your needs. We work closely with schools, artists and designers to produce items according to space, size and budget.

As well as external and maintenance metalworks, you may also be interested in considering the application of our technologies within lessons. Using plasma or laser cutting we can reproduce children's own designs and artworks onto steel sheets or forged with bars, for using on benches, railings or as decorative pieces. A permanent record of the children's talent and hard work!

If you would like further information on service for schools, please contact us, via email or phone.

Gates made and installed at a Stockport primary school, using children's designs

Sport themed metal work grilles, designed by the children through Alan Birch workshop in school Example of one of the crafted metal shapes securely welded into the gates, as designed by the children

Gates with words, patterns and creatures, for a Stockport nursery school Colourful rocket shaped frame, part of a 'sensory garden' for children with disabilities, designed by Alan Birch

School gates in Ulverston, Cumbria, designed by Jill Randall, fabricated and installed by Luke Lister Blacksmiths

If you require further information about our services, please don't hestiate to get in touch -

0161 480 4074 or 07890 058 914